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    Switzerland is a wine-producing nation, as anyone who has visited can tell you.  The frustration is that this product is so difficult to find once you exit the country.  The reason for this lies in the artisanal characteristic of the truly great Swiss wines.  Every glass is a product of love of the land, hard work and extreme care from the vine to the IMGP4256bottle.

    A special case in point is the canton of Valais.  Although it is already known for some of the most famous ski resorts in the world, such as Zermatt and Crans-Montana, only a fortunate few realise that this area’s wines also merit equal recognition.  The assets of the Valais lie not only in its ideal geography and climate, but also its tradition of bequeathing land ownership to each of one’s children.  This practice has subdivided parcels numerous times, leaving very few with the resources to mass produce.  With just over only 12, 300 acres of vineyards and 20,000 vineyard proprietors, one’s palette will never suffer from boredom.

    For those who appreciate every sip of a fine wine for its own sake, not just as a liquid accompaniment to a meal, the Valais is the paradise you have been looking for.  There are over 40 different grape varieties, some that are commonly known, such as Pinot Noir, but others are completely unique to the Valais, such as Humagne Rouge.  Individual wineries may be visited, and there are also more and more wine bars that offer the opportunity to taste and purchase several different wines from different producers during one visit.