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    Whether you are looking for information about original Swiss products, ideas for a vacation, or even a unique gift, Swiss Artisans is here to provide a single site with extensive information and offers on traditional Swiss crafts.  Enjoy your visit!


    Birth of an Artisan

    Imagine this.  The first major snowfall of the season has hit the Swiss Alps, and you are nestled into your cozy chalet, fire crackling in the hearth.  It is several hundred years ago, and the majority of the year’s work is complete.  The land, at rest after bearing its fruits, is now covered in insurmountable snowdrifts.  Technology is a distant dream, and you are faced with weeks, even months of watching the snow fall.  Boredom sets in. With a deep sigh, you turn to put another piece of wood on the fire.  But just before you throw it in, divine inspiration hits.  You sit down with a knife, and as a miniature version of your favorite goat, Edelweiss, emerges, the fire spits a feeble plea for help before it dies.

    Such has been the scenario surrounding the birth of many artisans around the world, and Switzerland has contributed its own healthy branch to this family tree.  Some have been driven by creativity, others by a badly needed extra source of income.  Crafted from the resources at hand, the resulting art forms may offer both aesthetic and practical benefits, pleasing any of the five senses.  From wood to paper, from grapes to milk, Swiss artisanry has been passed down at home through the generations, and each creation is completely unique.